About Us

Nir Dishon started DentalMed in January 2014 after having been in the Dental field for 10 years as a Technical Manager. Nir is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has over 30 years of technical experience in mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Electronics, IT (Hardware and software), Digital Imaging and other fine systems. DentalMed provides Dental and Medical customers with all their technical solutions as well as advanced and out of the box advice on future developments.


At DentalMed we believe in the sharing of the wealth of our experience and progress amongst our valued customers as well as the tenacious strive for excellence in service providing without delay. Our customers enjoy the dedication and attention to details they deserve in the smaller day to day matters as well as in the larger scale plans they seek.


DentalMed is bringing new and innovative solutions to the dental market as well as carry on improving the systems already in place and become more efficient and cost effective. We at DentalMed hope to become a significant contributor within the dental community in the years ahead and be able to make a positive change for its future.