Repair & Reconditioning

We at Dentalmed offer the advantage of repair and service to ALL Dental and Medical equipment. Some of the examples of the equipment we service and repair:

Dental Clinics

  • Dental chairs of all brands
  • X Ray systems of all brands (Intra Oral and Panoramic)
  • Air Compressors
  • All suction systems (Wet and Dry)
  • Hand pieces of all brands.
  • Curing lights
  • Autoclaves
  • Overhead Operating lights (Halogen and LED)
  • Scalars (Ultrasonic, Air, Piezo Etc)
  • Delivery units
  • Digital developers
  • Digital sensors
  • Electric Micro motors
  • Surgical units

Dental Laboratories


    • Hand Pieces of all brands
    • Lathes of all brands
    • Furnaces
    • Sand blasting machines
    • Presses (Hydraulics, Ejection)
    • Model Trimmers
    • Dust Extractors
    • Light systems
    • Steaming machines
    • Spindle systems
    • Vacuum Mixers
    • Power Vibrators
    • Dosing and Mixing units
Surgery Space Design

When designing the practice itself, we place a great amount of valuable attention to the finer details to the practicality and Agronomic placement of items and services.

For Example:

● Electrical Plugs

● Basins and wash areas

● Lighting positioning

● Cabinets and storage facility

● Operating space for dentist and Assistant

● X Ray positioning

● Overhead operating light

● Auxiliary  instrumentation

● Imaging display for clinical as well as relaxation purposes ( When treating young kids and specifically nervous patients)

● Positioning of dental chair as from the gender consideration (Dental practitioner as well as Patient not facing the entrance door with exposing    clothing)

● Some of the basic features considered when we design a surgery, are the fixed services providing a smooth and trouble free operation. These    services would be considered at the very beginning of the design stages and would set the grounds for the final result.

They are for example:

● Floor services for dental chair

● Electrical provisions for X Ray units

● Networking provisions

● Imaging provisions

● Lighting provisions

● Water and drainage provisions

● Basic services like Air Compressor and suction system

The above is a short demonstration of our ability to bring about a full scale solution to the consultation, design and implementation of a dental practice from start to finish. Our years of experience with a few hundrends of dental clinics and hospital projects have yealded a vast amount of the do’s and don’ts and the correct approach to making sure the projects run smooth, efficient, cost effective and practical.

We at DentalMed would be happy to take the next generation of dental clinics and their technologicaly advaned features well into the future with you and grow this into a clinical and business success it deserves.

Please feel free to approach us at any time to find out more about the services we provide and the assistance we can give you in your business plans.