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Digital Intra Oral X-Ray Sensor

Cutting-edge Technology

Photon-Counting Intraoral X-Ray Sensor

air, disinfection system.

Air disinfection with ultraviolet light for infection control and air sanitation.


Hand Sanitiser 

Made with only Natural ingredients:

Aloe Ferox 26%
Natural Alcohol 74%


  State of the art modern workshop space.  


Surgery space design.


Refurbished Equipment

Our Workshop Space

Our Story

Nir Dishon started DentalMed in January 2014 after having been in the Dental field for 15 years as a Technical Manager. Nir is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has over 30 years of technical experience in mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Electronics, IT (Hardware and software), Digital Imaging and other fine systems. DentalMed provides Dental and Medical customers with all their technical solutions as well as advanced and out of the box advice on future developments.


Customer Testimonials


KK Dental Laboratory

“We have been dealing with DentalMed for quite sometime now, and we are very happy with the service and quick response we receive from them.

The owner Nir, will go out of his way to help where ever he can.

He also fixed a furnace for our laboratory that no one else could repair.

His service is highly recommended by us”

-KK Dental Laboratory-


Modimolle Dental Laboratory

“My lab is situated in modimolle in Limpopo and one day both my porcelain furnace broke on the same day- what a disaster for me. I phoned Nir and he said he’s waiting for me, send them over. My driver left modimolle and 2 hours later stopped at Nir’s place.He opened both furnace while my driver was waiting- the one needed parts but the other was a relatively small fix and by the end of the day my lab was running again-what a relief!!!! Great service. Nir really do go the extra mile. Always grateful”

– Henno du Plessis-

Schoenits Dental Laboratory

“To Whom It May Cocern,

Nir Dishon from Dentalmed Technical services has been doing work for us since 2014.

We have found him to be highly competent and hi level of work is commendable.

His service is punctional and he has alwys gone over and above to assist us. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need additional information.”

-Remo Stocchi-


Gauteng Dental Laboratory

“Working with Dentalmed, as a supplier and a maintenance company has been a
game changer for my company.

Nothing is to difficult or too complicated for them.

Dentalmed has been able to fix equipment of mine that nobody ells could fix.

The service we get from mr. Dishon,
the director, is always friendly and helpful.”

-Jan Britz-

The Dentalmed mobile clinics are a result of years of experience and field testing which has proven itself over the past 20 years in South Africa. We at Dentalmed are proud to present this mobile clinic as one of the most advanced, practical, economical and most user friendly ever built in South Africa and under world standards. When designing, Fabricating and equipping our mobiles we had invested a great deal of time and resources to some key elements which had lead us to the final product:


Surgery Space Design

When designing the practice itself, we place a great amount of valuable attention to the finer details to the practicality and Agronomic placement of items and services. For Example: ● Electrical Plugs ● Basins and wash areas ● Lighting positioning ● Cabinets and storage facility ● Operating space for dentist and Assistant ● X Ray positioning ● Overhead operating light ● Auxiliary  instrumentation ● Imaging display for clinical as well as relaxation purposes ( When treating young kids and specifically nervous patients) ● Positioning of dental chair as from the gender consideration (Dental practitioner as well as Patient not facing the entrance door with exposing clothing) ● Some of the basic features considered when we design a surgery, are the fixed services providing a smooth and trouble free operation. These services would be considered at the very beginning of the design stages and would set the grounds for the final result.



Our Suppliers